Chiyogami Japanese paper, golden large asanoha over black

Chiyogami Japanese paper, golden large asanoha over black

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Chiyogami paper, golden asanoha (large) over a black background

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Japanese chiyogami paper with a hemp leaf (asanoha) graphic motif in gold on a black background. In chiyogami papers, the gold lines give a three-dimensional effect, due to the variable reflection of light depending on the direction in which the sun's rays strike the paper. In designs traced exclusively with metallic pigments on a homogeneous monochrome background, this effect is further accentuated, also adding "movement" to the motif.

This motif is a symbol of good wishes: just as hemp is a strong plant, which grows in all conditions, children are often given objects with this motif, with the intention that they will grow up healthy and strong, regardless of the circumstances around them.

The washi paper made of long fibers is very flexible and resistant. It is machine made with kozo and sulfite fibers. Silk-screen printed later by hand in so many steps with colors.
Due to the production techniques, the full planks of washi chiyogami paper (of 97cmx65cm) have a white frame of approximately 1cm. The specified dimensions refer to the printed part. The measurements as well as the weight are approximated, since they can slightly vary from one provider to another.

Origin: Japan
Measurements (cm): 63x47.5 approx. (Half a sheet)
Weight (gr): 70 approx.
Material: Kozo fiber and sulfites paper
Uses: Decoration, gifts, origami, personalization of objects, scrapbooking.    

Requests of even amounts will be provided in full sheets of 95cmx63cm approx. If you wish for other sizes, for example A4, contact us and we’ll send you a custom budget.


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Kozo and sulphites

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