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Japonerías brings you the magic of Japan in its products. Because Japan is so much more than sushi and Tokyo 2020 Olympics…

Why purchase traditional Japanese articles?

We love the appeal of each one of the articles we’ve selected for you. We want you to start a journey to magical Japan everytime you choose one of our treasures.

From our online store of Japanese products, we take you by the hand to the streets of ancient Kyoto, looking inside each craftsman shop to discover traditional products, made with millennial old techniques. 

We want you to listen to the looms of the Nishijin neighborhood when you take in your hands one of our brocades, that you breathe in the aroma of a freshly made miso soup when you look upon one of our bowls, that you feel the fresh March wind that brings you the cherry blossoms when you uncover one of our bento boxes or that you hear the echo of the steps from the maikos over the pavement lit up by candles whenever you show off one of our Japanese bags.

We put on sale our catalogue of hundreds of Japanese articles where you’ll be able to buy from the most kawaii, like our cutesy IWAKO erasers to a vintage kimono, or the accessories and most original gifts: Japanese handbagsbrooches,Japanese washi paper, Japanese curtains, bento boxesfuroshikis….

If you’re a DIY lover, you will no longer have to travel to Madrid, Bilbao or Barcelona to find the best materials for your projects: washi decorated paper, cotton Japanese fabrics and sumptuous brooches, origami paper and exclusive weaved fabrics imported from Japan.

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Tote bag made with japanese fabrics with panda and flowers motif and zipper
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Tote bag made with japanese fabrics with zipper. Green spikes
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Tote bag made with japanese fabrics gray and black spikes zipper
In Stock

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