Airvase Hologam Black

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Airvase Hologram Black. Torafu Architects.

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The Airvase is a vase, a plate, a dish, a bowl ...... It is what you want it to be! And as its name anticipates, it "wraps air".

The "Hologram Black" Airvase shines brightly when it receives light. Its decoration makes the reflection vary when you change your position. 

On the other hand, it is deep, matt black, which contrasts beautifully with its shiny side, creating a magnificent container.

To shape it to your liking, carefully remove it from its packaging and place it on a flat surface. First of all, you must decide which side you prefer to put on the inside, and which side on the outside. You can choose any of its sides, but once you start shaping it, it is no longer reversible.

Put one hand in the centre, and with the other hand go stretching upwards, little by little, from the edges to the centre, to give it the shape you want. It can be taller or shorter, wider or slimmer, symmetrical or asymmetrical, and this way you will make it a unique piece.

Use your Airvase as decoration, as a tray for small items, a vase (with a glass container with flowers or plants inside), bottle wrapping or other objects....

When you hold it in your hand, as it is paper, it is thin and light, when you transform it into a container, it acquires volume, and gives us the sensation of a solid object, and light at the same time. Enjoy its infinite possibilities!

It comes in a flat pack, 20 x 20 cm.


Units: 2

Front: Blue holographic, silver holographic

Back: Deep matt black

Diameter: 19,3 cm

Photographs: Heal thy


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